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iMilk app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 602 ratings )
Lifestyle Entertainment
Developer: Hottrix
2.99 USD
Current version: 3.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 11 Jul 2008
App size: 8.14 Mb

From the inventors of award-winning iBeer comes a healthy alternative to iPhone-drinking: iMilk! Drink milk and shake whipped cream from the comfort of your pocket. A portable dairy farm for your iPhone and iPod touch.
This hilarious visual gag is fully interactive and behaves like a real glass of milk thanks to the iPhone sensors and our spare time.
Tilt to sip, shake for foam or whipped cream. Even pour iMilk from iPhone to iPhone.

Youve seen it on TV, YouTube, and read about it in your favorite paper. Now it can be yours!
Bonus burp included.
Mixes just fine with our iBeer.
Get it today and forever wave goodbye to your lactose intolerance.


Just added Strawberry- and Chocolate Milk
Shake (foam and cream)
Burp (on/off)

Hilarious Alien Milk
Find the hidden cheese
Fully interactive
Astonishing realism
Multi-level shakes
Secret triggers
Mutable effects
Vending Machine Option
Coin Trick Option
Milk from Home Screen Option
Cool Condensation Effects (slide your finger to see)
Old or New iMilk Option (for the traditionalists)

Free tutorial videos
Full warranty
Detailed instructions
24/7 support
7500 W Lake Mead Blvd.
Suite 9-478
Las Vegas, NV 89128

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Pros and cons of iMilk app for iPhone and iPad

iMilk app good for

What a strange little app. It made me laugh when I shook the milk into swiss cheese, but I could do without the burping :-) My kids liked this more than I did, but still worth it.
Ive posted pictures of this on facebook and everybody loves it ! I swear to god Ive got more friends than before this miraculous little app , now I go places and people say ... Becky ! SHOW ME THE MILK THING ! And wow becky . .. Be my bfffffflllll ! , love it
Its entertaining and fun to use. But its a little choppy and sometimes it transforms when you dont want it to. Overall, its a pretty good app.
Haha, I made not only whipped cream, but cheese! Its good, but a little choppy.
This application adds a twist, and the things you shake out of it are cool and funny. Go Hottrix!
I like it but could use more flavours. Also I think it should be $0.99 all the time! $2.99 is a rip off. Especially when some people say it doesnt work.

Some bad moments

After using iMilk, couldnt launch any applications. It just bounced me back to home screen. Froze my device. Had to restore iPhone twice. Use with caution, as well as iBeer.
Umm ok how do I get to the bonus features and Is there any way to get a refund????
they shouldnt charge $2.99 for an app like this when the graphics as good as ipint, yet ipint costs less. the graphics need to be way better and i think they owe that to the people who paid that amount for this app. i gave it 2 stars anyway because i like having a milk app (i just want it improved).
since the new update this app works like crap!its horrible now please change it back
It dosnt work for me. The furthest I can get is the page where you choose your milk or whatever that is, and when I click something It goes black and goes back to the homepage. It also froze my iPod. Help! I wish it would work because it looks kinda cool :( Is there ANYTHING i can do to make it work?
The ibeer(and add ons) as well as the iMilk should be more consistent. For example the iMilk does not have perspiration effects on the glass like the ibeer does and the milk add on on the I beer 5 packs milk is grey when the iMilk is white. Please fix these problems and I will kep supporing your apps, they are great! UPDATE YOUR BLOODY APPS!!! I payed three goddamn dollars for this app and you are now charging .99cents? No update, just a post about how you guys got sued? You guys are rip off artists and I really hope you get sued, hottrix seems sleazy and "off" to me.